nature + batik design


about anakijo
Anakijo is a line of colorful decorations and accessories for children. The designs are inspired by the flora and fauna of South East Asia mixed with traditional batik of the region.
Each one of Anakijo’s piece is delicately handcrafted. The collages or appliqués are carefully chosen from beautiful batik sarongs making each item unique with its own subtle variation of color and pattern.
Original and unique gift idea for baby shower or birthday!


about valerie
Founder, Valerie Baumal, has been living in South East Asia for many years. Out of her passion for the wildlife and the traditional batik fabric of Southern Asia, she has created Anakijo.
Each artwork made by Valerie is handmade and original. She carefully selects the batik fabric for each piece making it unique.
She creates all her batik collages in her studio and collects the batik sarongs on traditional markets in Laos and during travels in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

She wishes to show through her artwork the rich and diverse array of both flora and fauna species of this part of the world to children of many countries, to help them discover endangered species, exotic fruits and tropical trees and flowers and as well the batik fabric.

She helps to prevent the needless deaths of mothers and babies in Laos, where maternal and infant mortality rates are among the highest in the world and she is a member of the Women International Group, which helps underprivileged Lao women and children.