nature + batik design

batik collage animals : These original batik collages are made from traditional batik of Southern Asia.
The pieces of fabric are carefully chosen from beautiful batik sarongs, making each item unique with
his own subtle variation of colour and pattern. Each piece is delicately handrafted.
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Malayan tapir

Article n° 0010403006

Buffalo + Egret
Article n° 0010101011

Orangutan + Durian
Article n° 0010302020

Elephant + Rafflesia
Article n° 0010203015

Tiger + Butterfly
Article n° 0010201006

Hawksbill turtle + Jellyfish
Article n° 0010302020-2

Buffalo + Egret
Article n° 0010101006

Orang Utan + Durian

Article n° 0010401006